Monday, October 02, 2006

Just something I drew in idle time

Wanted to draw something for Diwali. Was using MS Paintbrush. Nothing good was coming out. Finally, I just picked the pencil and sketched this in black and white first and then filled it with colors. You can see both the versions here.

I just enjoyed this whole process of doing it so much. Feel completely rejuvenated. Have not sketched in ages. And yes, I obviously had different, more serious plans when I sat near the PC. :-) But since I enjoyed this, I have no regrets.

Let this be my dedication to Diwali. Something that signifies brightness, joy and prosperity. Happy Diwali to all!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

An awaited sojourn

It is a perfect place - the ideal kingdom,
A utopia, so blissfully humdrum.

I love the quiet calm, the idleness,
These vast open skies, this wilderness,
This tender grass on which I often sit,
Wondering 'bout life's trivia, bit by bit.
It's fun chasing the wandering bees,
There's clumsy bear and the dancing trees,
Great reading innocent Winnie the Poohs,
Preparing "Honey iced tea', 'making igloos.

Except, that it is all in a dream,
And the true paradise is beyond the stream.
The path to it runs through the wild-
Which I have learnt to dread all this while.
What if there is a wicker man behind that bush?
Or there is some galapagos waiting to ambush?
What if I cannot cross the marshlands fine,
Or slip into a deep gorge, get trapped in a ravine?

It is when I am lost in the medley of these thoughts
That I hear a voice within, coming from an angel of sorts.

The voice reminds me of possibilities,
Says "Rest not, keep walking through adversities,
Patience and persistence if be your sword,
You shall be protected, it is the word of God.
One small step and a little courage,
Will help you pass through the maze.
How fast will be your pace?
You'll see yourself as you ace."

"You must not lose your calm,
During the tides - up and down"
That's all the ancient wisdom you need,
Hold on to't tight n you will not drown.
With time, will come the winds of change,
Your sojourn will not be in vain,
The Shangri-la will knock on your door
On the sacred August day, it shall rain and pour.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Excerpt: "From a little girl"

Down the hill I walked to see
A small pup sitting near a tree,
With its curious eyes
It was gazing at a bee.
As I went near
It trembled with fear
‘I am only your friend’,
I wanted to make clear.

Soon the pup and I
Were talking.
About our little worlds
As we were walking.
Poor thing I felt
It must be feeling sad.
As I wore a beautiful frock
With frills and a hat.
Oh why, did it not have
A nice dress like me?
Perhaps it did not get
Much pocket money.

The next morn when I woke up,
I made a promise to God.
I shall earn lots of money,
And buy clothes for my dog.

The above is an excerpt from a poem I wrote more than a decade ago. Just something coming out straight from a little girl.

If belief is all you have

Why I do not emote much? is often what you say,
’You don’t seem to miss me, from so far away?’
The truth is contrary as such, so let me if you may.

I do have feelings so deep and strong,
That if I showed them to you it would be wrong,
'Coz into a tempest you could be drawn.

Hence I build a facade, so the brume wouldn't show,
And you'd be shielded from the turbulent flow,
I am afraid, this - you may never know.

So darling it is my plea,
Do not be cast down by what you see,
Listen to your heart, when difficult it may be.

But if belief is all you have,
Then believe you me.